Completely security protected in Hajji Faty Mohammad Paich

Monday 10th – 02 – 2014; ANSF fully and completely protected the security of Hajji Faty Mohammad Paich area in Sangin district of Helmand province.

The named area is located by the main road between Saingin and Gereshk districts of Helmand province and was always unprotected and was faced with challenges of the insurgents and the insurgents not only attacked the governmental official and convoys but also innocent civilians were faced with their brutal acts.

Fortunately ANA and ANP personnel conducted huge clearance operation in the named area a few days ago as a result the area is now safe and protected.

The named area was completely cleared from the presence of the insurgents as a result of the operation and as well three new checkpoints were placed in the area and so far no any challenge of insurgents to the governmental convoys and civilians in the area.

The named operation was jointly conducted in the area and as well the ANSF discovered and removed 400 IEDs in the area as a result of the operation.

Na damage for the ANSF as a result of the conducted operation.