Khushk Aabi area of Gereshk district purged of militants

Khushk Aabi area has been cleared of Taliban insurgents as a result of a large-scale security operation that lasted few days in the Gereshk district of southern province of Helmand.

Many militant sanctuaries were targeted in the Khushk Aabi area of the district during the offensive that ended on Monday morning. A Taliban stronghold for the last few year area, Kushk Aabi region which is located on the suburbs of Nahr-I-Saraj area of the Gereshk district is now a better and safe place for locals to live.    

The insurgents suffered heavy casualties, while the police forces suffered no fatalities in the operation that conducted by police.

Three explosives-laden motorcycles, 30 landmines, a Kalashnikov assault rifle were seized in the offensive.

Separately, a robber a lone with a stolen car has been busted by the police forces in the same area of the district. The robber is currently under investigation.